World's BRIGHTEST Flashlight?
TONY STARK'S Robot in Real Life?
Self-Kickflipping Skateboard!
Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Před 6 měsíci
Are you mad hacksmith why did you do this the real diamond play button is rare
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Před 14 hodinami
Caption America ultra lite max pro
springtrapman 1
springtrapman 1 Před 14 hodinami
Make jet boots to fly next plz
GAMING TECH Před 14 hodinami
Hacksmith, could you show your first video ever? Thank you
Jason Avila
Jason Avila Před 14 hodinami
The Hacksmith should build a water-powered car. It would definitely solve a lot of problems in the Middle-East.
Elias Bailey
Elias Bailey Před 14 hodinami
Mira's Black mirror 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diya D
Diya D Před 14 hodinami
6:57 lol 😂😂😂
KØFI Před 14 hodinami
Parent: TURN OFF VIDEO GAME Kids: no Hacksmith: Video games give you these sweet skills Kids: Welp Goodbye, computer *yeet*
Yelena Sevryuk
Yelena Sevryuk Před 14 hodinami
0:48 Богдан, ты русский?
Liam C
Liam C Před 14 hodinami
bruh who's disliking this video
Hamza Hatata
Hamza Hatata Před 14 hodinami
I love you James
Soroush Zahedi
Soroush Zahedi Před 14 hodinami
The us military is coming for you James Hobson. Be warned.
Dilhani Pérez
Dilhani Pérez Před 14 hodinami
Him ur probably wondering how I got hear Me:hell yeah I want to be iron man
KØFI Před 14 hodinami
SafetyChicken123 Password correct
Xlitsnow Gaming
Xlitsnow Gaming Před 15 hodinami
You could actually become iron man
FALCONATE Před 15 hodinami
That’s The Hacksmith Wo Still Hearts The Videos He Posted The First
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin Před 15 hodinami
People: *try to make real iron man suit* Tony stark: hold my arc reactor
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus Před 15 hodinami
Man you are the second elon musk 😍 love all yr videos big fan
Justin Brimson
Justin Brimson Před 15 hodinami
has someone got the saber yet
CoderDude Před 15 hodinami
I'd just volunteer, no pay
kid Elias
kid Elias Před 15 hodinami
I bet u 50 bucks that everyone skiped to the end to see that hammer
FEAR乡Blaster Před 15 hodinami
Your jarvis installation link
Grooby Před 15 hodinami
Mans had voice crack
Max Putschoegl
Max Putschoegl Před 15 hodinami
Can you make the plasma laser from predator
Robert Willis
Robert Willis Před 16 hodinami
yo, so if the hacksmith is tony and jessica is pepper then are they gonna be a thing?
WarlordDemon14 Před 16 hodinami
Me thinking: Why does the power supply of this man's house not exhausting or stopping? After few minutes: "Lights are gone! We have to wait for another 3 to 4 hours" LoL, today what I thought, it happened😂😂😂
SEan CUmmINs
SEan CUmmINs Před 16 hodinami
I think it’d be cool to make a plasma based crossgaurd lightsaber
Alex Merry
Alex Merry Před 16 hodinami
When he cut the shield, they should’ve played the joker in the dark Knight saying “everything burns” 😂
SEan CUmmINs
SEan CUmmINs Před 16 hodinami
When I first saw a lightsaber I wish they made a real one but now you just made my childhood a reality you started out from a faulty red stick to a actual plasma based lightsaber thank you for making my child a reality
Dave Carrick
Dave Carrick Před 16 hodinami
Please let me have one of your iron man helmets please I've been trying to make it
Ramdzan Usop
Ramdzan Usop Před 16 hodinami
Me seen all of this:wow that was alot give me 1 set
AlEnDaPrO Před 16 hodinami
Can you guys make a Republic commando helmet from star wars?
Archie Hurwitz
Archie Hurwitz Před 16 hodinami
Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 6:58
obi wan
obi wan Před 16 hodinami
How do you feel about Alex lab
Romeo Buddy
Romeo Buddy Před 16 hodinami
Imagine thor is seeing this video🤣🤔🤨
Jude Johnson
Jude Johnson Před 17 hodinami
Dude you live in Canada there military would not spend that much on a youtube channel... US military is a bit more unpredictable.
SpeedTuberTM Před 17 hodinami
Make an IRL Iron Man armor suit that can fly n shit
Tami Demaree
Tami Demaree Před 17 hodinami
0.18 they just lost there editing budget
[Sól] QuakeRang.-Van Hélsing Magus-Magnus-Révan
[Sól] QuakeRang.-Van Hélsing Magus-Magnus-Révan Před 17 hodinami
Meme Analysis-experts... (Into the Mind of a Star-Wars Acension-Nerd). WE NEED YOU to convert Eckhart Tolle into digestable-form. ∆Π WE NEEEEED YOU! ∆ [👌🏻🕯️🛡️]
Rudra Patel
Rudra Patel Před 17 hodinami
More of these now pls
Ettore Caccioli
Ettore Caccioli Před 17 hodinami
Arc Reactor?
Sasha B
Sasha B Před 17 hodinami
make a halo master chief electric blade
Hytor シ
Hytor シ Před 18 hodinami
Minha Aula Ta Quase Começando :(
Helle Gu
Helle Gu Před 18 hodinami
Can you please do the expandable shield from rainbow six siege that would be so cool
Linu George
Linu George Před 18 hodinami
Make a full iron man suit pls!!!!!!!!!
FlamingGold Před 18 hodinami
You guys should definitely sell batarangs. They would sell like hot cakes
TheTeachingKid Assistant
TheTeachingKid Assistant Před 18 hodinami
You should make a Mandalorian rifle
Sasha B
Sasha B Před 18 hodinami
make a halo energy blade from halo 5
Harry Před 18 hodinami
Not a repulsor just a powerful laser
Ned Taylor
Ned Taylor Před 18 hodinami
How much 💰
Shuriken Před 18 hodinami
Elon Musk x Hacksmith Industies. Make it happen
Abodi animates
Abodi animates Před 18 hodinami
Show us the secret progetcttttttttttt
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Před 19 hodinami
In pararllel universe James is already iron man and the Hacksmith is the Avengers
Gūnjãn Đ Creation
Gūnjãn Đ Creation Před 19 hodinami
Big fan sir from india
Aryan Bhattacharjee
Aryan Bhattacharjee Před 19 hodinami
i want umberella please willing to pay for it with ammo
Demon Gaming 100
Demon Gaming 100 Před 19 hodinami
Braxton The BEST
Braxton The BEST Před 19 hodinami
mark ascheman
mark ascheman Před 19 hodinami
I really enjoy every thing you do but a repulsor is supposed to repulse, not burn. not to say I didn't enjoy this video, I just noticed that.
Khael Storm
Khael Storm Před 19 hodinami
What about some Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen sunglasses/eye shields? Retractable and everything, THAT would be awesome.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Před 19 hodinami
can you make the cow mangler 2000 from tf2 or some other dr gordbort weapons from tf2
GavinSucksAtGames Před 19 hodinami
next is the hev suit
PSYCHZ Před 19 hodinami
you should make a video going to skywalker ranch and get george lucas to sign it
lissanis Angelica
lissanis Angelica Před 19 hodinami
Alternate title:Your mom's phone brightness
Quiana Robinson
Quiana Robinson Před 20 hodinami
You’re not making a helmet for speaking nonsense
Under8ted 8
Under8ted 8 Před 20 hodinami
Here’s a quick idea if you don’t already maybe you could get an Alexa and rename it Jarvis
Time Traveller 2100
Time Traveller 2100 Před 20 hodinami
Ap hox
Ap hox Před 20 hodinami
Much wow
Green James
Green James Před 20 hodinami
6:53 juiciest parts
Habeebia Rahman
Habeebia Rahman Před 20 hodinami
Please this shoes sell on Amazon
Tim Westermeier
Tim Westermeier Před 20 hodinami
Bull shit
Jaztin's Vlog
Jaztin's Vlog Před 20 hodinami
Make the suit case
Emmanuel Ede
Emmanuel Ede Před 20 hodinami
Man can I be your Apprentice
Emmanuel Ede
Emmanuel Ede Před 20 hodinami
Man hell yeah I am ready to be Tony Stark
Ananasita GOLD
Ananasita GOLD Před 20 hodinami
Can you make daft punk helmet
Krishna Singh
Krishna Singh Před 21 hodinou
Did anyone else's mind get blown when the card came out of the wallet?
Ariech Legaspi
Ariech Legaspi Před 21 hodinou
I wonder how epileptic people looked like after this video
T1 Clans
T1 Clans Před 21 hodinou
Think about the people in the malls in the restaurants wondering what the heck is happening at the football field